Building open and scalable automated microscopes to accelerate discoveries and solutions

About Cephla

Cephla builds open and scalable automated microscopes optimized for specific applications to accelerate discoveries and solutions. The Squid product line aims at eliminating barriers of access to high-end/bespoke systems, increasing data generation throughput, and making it easier to develop/adopt new capabilities/technologies. The Octopi product line aims at helping accelerate the paradigm shift in microscopy-based diagnostics, starting with malaria - a diseases affecting hundreds of millions of people every year.

Our Team

  • Hongquan Li, PhD, Co-founder & CEO

  • Manu Prakash, PhD, co-founder

  • Yining Hu, PhD, co-founder & CPO

  • Nick Hong, PhD, VP of Operations

  • Pranav Shrestha, PhD, Clinical Research Scientist

  • Soham Mukherjee, Software Engineer

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