Cephla’s microscopes and their applications

Octopi: Open configurable high-throughput imaging platform for infectious disease diagnosis in the field. BioRxiv, 684423. (updated version coming soon)

Squid: simplifying quantitative imaging platform development and deployment. bioRxiv, 2020-12.

Work that make use of Cephla’s microscopes

MultiSero: An Open-Source Multiplex-ELISA Platform for Measuring Antibody Responses to Infection.

Inkwell: Design and Validation of a Low-Cost Open Electricity-Free 3D Printed Device for Automated Thin Smearing of Whole Blood.

Scale-free vertical tracking microscopy. Nature Methods, 17(10), 1040-1051.

A topologically complex cytoplasm enables inflation-based escape from a gravity trap.

Hidden Comet-Tails of Marine Snow Impede Ocean-based Carbon Sequestration.

Thermotaxis in an apolar, non-neuronal animal.

Culture-Independent Multiplexed Detection of Drug-Resistant Bacteria Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering.

Predicting tuberculosis drug resistance with machine learning-assisted Raman spectroscopy.

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